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    The Candidate


    Elysabeth Britt

    Elysabeth Britt is a lifelong Oklahoman. Raised in Lawton, she currently resides in Oklahoma City. After graduating from Putnam City North High School, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. She later graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Sociology . She has spent the last 15 years as a leader in the field of Human Resources. In 2018, Elysabeth ran for United States House of Representatives in Oklahoma's 5th congressional district. She is currently a National Human Resources Manager in the media industry. 

    Elysabeth's Legislative Priorities

      • Investing in our students, teachers and schools
    • Reducing the cost of healthcare and rebuilding rural health clinics
    • Restoring America as the land of opportunity for all
    • Ensuring child care expenses are 100% tax deductible
    • Passing responsible gun reform legislation
    • Ensuring student loans are fair and equitable
    • Raising the minimum wage
    • Guaranteeing equal rights for all Oklahomans
    • Improving America’s electronic defenses
    • Protecting American ingenuity and copyrights
    • Growing a 21st century economy
    • Restoring and developing new infrastructure
    • Investing in emerging science
    • Improving international cooperation
    • Protecting personal freedom

    Public Education



    To ensure our children have an opportunity to learn, schools must be adequately funded. In order to support local educational agencies, Congress must provide greater funding measures, reduce burdensome grant application processes and simplify formulas used to allocate funding.

    •  I support increasing Congressional funding for Title 1, IDEA and ESSA programs.

    •  I believe in increasing the use of technology in the classroom for early education.

    •  I believe teachers must be paid well and receive annual training in child development.

    Health care


    I support healthcare for all, but such a bold initiative must include re-establishing and rebuilding health care for our rural communities. 

    Oklahoma's health care needs vary from other regions in the United States in that health care options primarily outside of our two largest cities, have grown scare. Any national reform must include funding to ensure our communities across the state have access to the life-saving treatment they deserve. 



     Immigration is one of the key issues facing legislators today. For over five hundred years, the people of foreign nations have traveled to our shores “yearning to breathe free”. They are our neighbors, co-workers and friends. Proven, fact-filled research indicates the benefits of immigration far exceed any negative impact to the economy or state, which runs contrary to the stance of the current administration.

    • I support a path to citizenship for the DACA Dreamers.

    • I am opposed to spending  billions and billions of dollars on a border wall.

    • I support immigration for those seeking to escape religious persecution

    • I support the use of E-verify

     • I support steep financial fines for businesses who employ undocumented workers up to $50,000 per infraction.

    • I am reworking my draft for a new Immigrant Visa Program (stay tuned)

    Child Care Expenses


    The cost of child care should be 100% tax deductible. 

    Individuals with children in day care are currently only receiving about  20% - 30% of what they spend as a tax deduction. This is wrong and it needs to change. 

    The 2nd amendment


    We must preserve the rights of citizens to responsibly bear arms. As a former service member, I recognize the right of Americans to own firearms for self-defense and hunting. To ensure guns don’t fall into the hands of those who would wish to do us harm, we must re-evaluate some aspects of current firearm legislation or lack thereof.

    •  I support responsible gun ownership for individuals over the age of 18.

    •  I favor universal background checks for ALL firearm sales, including private transactions.

    •  I do not support conceal and carry without a permit or open carry.

    •  I do not support a federal registry for gun owners.

    Student loans


    Student loan providers must operate with transparency. In addition to transparency I believe loans should be subsidized when a student is attending college AND enrolled in 9 credit hours or more per semester. Upon graduation or after six months of not being enrolled, interest may accrue at a maximum of 1% over the Federal Bank Rate. 

    I believe in public service loan forgiveness for the full cost of college for those with health-related degrees, provided upon graduation or completion of residency for doctors and nurses whom enter into an agreement whereby they provide services in rural areas of the country.



    I support raising the minimum wage to $12.50 per hour by 2020. Based on an average of past federal minimum wages and crossed referenced with the rate of inflation over time, I feel this number best represents a base national minimum wage.

    I would urge regions with a higher cost of living to work within their state legislatures to pass a wage befitting of their economies. 



    America's greatest exports are Freedom and Equality. 

    Whatever makes up who you are either based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation or genetic information - all of that makes you beautiful, and I will fight to ensure you have equal protection under the law.


    Ready From Day One

     Elysabeth  knows the value and importance of being connected and staying connected to people and the issues. That's why she's running for United States Senate. She has a vision, a focus and the right motivation to bring Oklahomans and the nation together. 

    Elysabeth Britt - ready from day one.